Switch roller


The SCHWIHAG switch blade rolling device (SRD) is the perfect solution for the Lubrication-free switch

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Lubrication-free switch
:: SCHWIHAG switch blade rolling device SRD – the perfect solution

SCHWIHAG switch blade rolling device SRD
:: individual adjustment of rollers
:: easy to install
:: for new switches or existing switches in need of an upgrade

:: mounted directly onto sleeper
:: integrated into slide baseplate
:: friction-free movement of switch blades
:: inspection-friendly and maintenance-free
:: lubrication-free, so environmentally-friendly and cost effective


Roller may be adjusted vertically from -0.5 to +6.0 mm ensuring the correct vertical clearance between switch rail and slide plate.
:: Vertical height adjustment of each roller ensures controlled lifting of the switch rail and a low switch moving force.
:: No special precautions are required to allow mechanical tamping of the switch assembly.
:: All slide baseplates have a Molybdenum coated slide surface.
:: Integrated roller slide baseplates are available for both full and shallow depth switch assemblies.
:: Available for a wide range of rail profiles. An eccentric axle allows vertical height adjustment of the rollers

:: Can also be used in switch diamonds and slips.