Rail fastening

Schwihag fastening system

Rail fastening from schwihag are based on systems which have been tried and tested for decades. Schwihag has optimised these systems and made them more efficient and economical.

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SCHWIHAG offers consultancy, development,
construction, production, supply and service
for rail fastening systems and the following


  • standard railway lines (20.5 t axle load – 30 t axle load)
  •  high-speed railway lines (up to 20.5 t axle load)
  •  heavy freight transport (over 30 t and up to 50 t axle load)
  •  underground systems (12 t – 13 t axle load)
  •  metro systems (16 t axle load)
  •  tramways (6 t – 10 t axle load)
  •  industrial railway lines (22.5 t – 50 t axle load)

for the following track systems::

  •  ballast permanent way with concrete sleepers
  •  ballast permanent way with wooden sleepers
  •  ballast permanent way with steel sleepers
  •  paved concrete track
  •  bridge beams (steel bridges)

independent of:

  •  track profile and track gradient
  •  sleeper geometry
  •  routing (e.g. tight radius, high gradient)


SCHWIHAG fastening systems SFS are:

  •  proven standard systems
  •  new developments customised to your specific requirements
  •  adaptations using optimised components, e.g. new spring clips for existing sleepers
  •  components made to specifications for complex installations
  •  systems with special surface protection for SFS components in critical environmental conditions
  •  systems with highly effective sound/vibration insulation
  •  systems for transition areas, e.g. tunnels and bridges with a high level of relative motion between rail and sleeper
  •  supplied unconnected