Inner bracing of stock rail System Schwihag

The IBSR and the IBRR system Schwihag has proved itself for over 20 years in highspeed-, heavy duty- and normal operation of railways, worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Our IBSR and IBRR systems have been proven over 20 years in the operation of high speed, heavy freight transport and standard railways in more than 40 countries worldwide.
SCHWIHAG slide baseplates are fitted with an inner bracing system for stock rails (IBSR). Depending on the position of the IBSR slide baseplate within the switching device, SCHWIHAG´S spring clips SSb 2, SSb 3 or SSb 4 can be used. For the outside of the stock rail, the client’s preferred fastening system (e.g. SKL, Pandrol, Nabla) can be applied. The same inner bracing system for running rails (IBRR) can be fitted in the crossing-check rail area.
All IBSR slide baseplates and slide plates can be finished with a wax sealed, non-corrosive, lubrication-free Molybdenum coating or equipped with a lubricationfree, friction-free sliding insert made of CuSn8 F66-bronze, with or without graphite discs.
These coatings or sliding inserts are in the heel of the switch in combination with the SCHWIHAG roller plate system. Here they reduce the break-off forces of the switch points and improve the durability of the sliding plates. The lubrication-free Molybdenum coatings or sliding inserts, together with the roller plate system, guarantee permanent low switch moving forces offering greater longevity.
IBSR slide baseplates and IBRR check rail plates are made of ductile cast iron, ready for installation. For smaller projects and special installations, corresponding die-cast slide plates and abutments are available for the manufacture of welded plates to fit any track or blade profile.