Hollow steel sleeper

for secure cable crossings in switch points and tracks

The Schwihag hollow steel sleeper is made of ductile cast iron and is comparable in size and weight to a concrete sleeper. The base of the sleeper has sharp edges designed for stability in the ballast bed.

The integrated cable pipes allow for safe, permanent crossing of cables in switch points and tracks, even when mechanical maintenance and adjustments are being carried out. The cable pipes at the front are held firmly in place by vibration absorbent rubber pads. To ensure maximum safety, there is electric insulation between rail and baseplate as well as baseplate and sleeper. The fully machined top surface ensures the correct seating, alignment and level of the running rail.
The easily removable covers offer robust protection from debris and the effects of weather. Unrestricted access from above and at both ends make it exceptionally inspection-friendly. Thanks to ease of accessibility, existing cable crossings can be upgraded at any time. The hollow steel sleeper can be easily installed in the ballast bed without complications and there is no need to disconnect existing cable crossings.


  • fabricated from one piece of ductile cast iron
  • the base of the hollow sleeper has sharp edges and indentation provides high stability in ballast bed
  • completely accessible from above and at both ends
  • comparable in size and weight to concrete sleeper
  • double insulation
  • suitable for any track profile and gauge