Hollow steel bearer

Modular bearer with integrated switch point operation system.

Weight and size of the modular bearer correspond to conventional concrete switch point bearer. Stretcher bar, back drive and rodding, and the switch motor, are totally integrated within the bearer.

Ballast can therefore be applied over the entire switch-operating mechanism and mechanical tamping of the whole switch is possible.
Also, the displacement resistance of the modular bearer, made of ductile cast iron, is higher than that of conventional concrete bearers. The improved stability of the whole switch point ensures a substantial reduction in malfunctions resulting in a significant increase in network availability. If required, the modular bearer can be fitted with Molybdenum coated, lubrication-free IBSR slide baseplates and roller plates.
The weatherproof modular bearer is electrically heated and all moving parts are completely insulated. The cover can be easily removed and access to all parts is unrestricted.
This makes the SCHWIHAG modular bearer particularly inspection-friendly. On request, our modular bearer is also available for your own preferred locking system.